7 Signs Your Crush Likes You

By Raiyan May 14, 2024

7. Making Time

In a busy world, if your crush values time with you, it shows their commitment to the relationship.

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6. Small Investments

Tiny acts hold great significance. When your crush shares belongings, it's more than kindness; it's an investment in you.

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5. Open Posture

With someone you like, your body eases and opens. If your crush relaxes near you, comfort and connection may bloom.

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4. Smiles

A true smile conveys much: trust, attraction, and vulnerability. If your crush lights up near you, deeper feelings may lie.

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3. Vulnerability

Opening up to someone requires trust. If your crush shares their vulnerabilities with you, it signifies a bond beyond mere friendship.

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2. Leaning In

Love shifts body language. When attracted, you naturally incline towards them. If your crush leans in, it signals an emotional connection.

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1. Fixation

Your crush's gaze speaks volumes. Wilmont et al. (2014) found eyes unveil hidden desires. Their focus on you may signal affection.

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