7 Habits That Are Destroying Your Confidence

By Raiyan May 14, 2024

7. Caring Too Much About What Others Think

Constantly seeking approval? Valuing others' opinions over your own damages your confidence.

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6. Negative Thinking

"I can't do this." Persistent negative thoughts create self-fulfilling prophecies. Reframe them positively!

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5. Social Media Comparison

Do you compare your life to social media highlights? Remember, it's not real life.

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4. Self-Deprecating Talk

Stop diminishing your achievements. Humility isn't self-deprecation.

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3. Blaming Other

Playing the blame game? Taking ownership boosts your confidence.

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2. Thinking You Have Nothing to Contribute

Avoid conversations because you feel inadequate? Break this cycle to boost confidence.

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1. Dismissing Compliment

Deflecting compliments? Accept them graciously to build self-worth.

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