7 Everyday Habits That Make You Smarter

By Raiyan May 15, 2024

Question everything in life—don't assume information is true without verification. Always seek clarity and consider all perspectives.

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1. Question, Don't Just Assume

Read daily to expand your knowledge and vocabulary. Challenge yourself with differing perspectives to broaden your mind.

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2. Read Something You Normally Wouldn't

Break routines to stay happy and productive. Try new things daily to keep your brain active and boost creativity.

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3. Diversify Your Day

Curious people engage with diverse cultures and perspectives. Stay open-minded to broaden your understanding.

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4. Expose Yourself to Different World Views

Learn daily to boost your brain. Watch educational shows, listen to podcasts, or use a word-of-the-day app.

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5. Make A Point of Learning Something New Each Day

Embrace diverse perspectives to expand your mind. Surround yourself with those who challenge and inspire you.

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6. Hang Out with People Who Are Smarter Than You

TimeReflect daily to learn from experiences and avoid repeating mistakes. Enhance self-awareness for smarter decisions.

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7. Set Aside Some Quiet Time 

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