8 Signs A Guy Secretly Likes You

By Raiyan May 14, 2024

8. Makes You Smile

He tries to make you laugh or smile by cracking jokes, goofing off, teasing you, or giving you compliments or thoughtful gifts. He wants to see you happy. 

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7. Always Smiling Around You

1. If he seems happier and smiles a lot around you, it could be a sign that he likes you. Pay attention to how his mood changes when he's with you compared to others.

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6. Protective Behavior 

He acts more protective towards you, like walking you home at night or staying by your side in crowded spaces, because he values and wants to protect you.

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5. Tries to Impress You 

Some guys will try to impress the girl they like by showcasing their talents, intelligence, or good looks. They want to appear desirable to win you over. 

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4. Asks You Questions 

He pays special attention to you, asks personal questions, and listens attentively when you talk. He wants to get to know you better. 

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3. Doesn't Talk About Other Girls 

If he avoids mentioning other girls around you, it could be because he likes you and doesn't want you to think he's interested in anyone else. 

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2. Spends Time with You 

If he constantly looks for ways to see you and spend more time with you, he might have a crush on you. He'll initiate conversations, text you a lot, and invite you to hang out. 

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1. Nonverbal Signs 

Pay attention to his body language and tone of voice. Does he lean in closer when you talk? Does he mirror your actions and gestures? These are common signs of romantic attraction.

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