7 Side Hustles Students Can Start In 2024

By Raiyan May 5, 2024

7: Online Writing

Adam earns $10,000/month writing online; words shape perception, lucrative for hustlers.

6: Reselling Luxury Items

Ben Gallagher earns £7.2 million reselling luxury items online, leveraging the global market.

5: AI Animation

Mercy earns $8,000 to $110,000 monthly with AI animations, revolutionizing tech.

4: Online Coaching

Jack Jefferson earns $7,000/month coaching online; expertise valued in an evolving world.

3: Discord Building

Chris Peters, 19, earns $115,000 monthly managing Discord servers.

2: Investing

Despite the controversy, my investment strategy yields $177,000 weekly, proving simplicity works.

1: Faceless Short Form Content

Daniel Bitten, a social media prodigy, earns half a million monthly on Snapchat, unseen.

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