7 Easy Things That Make You a Cool Person

By Raiyan May 16, 2024

7. Step back to include others in conversations 

Including everyone in the chat shows you're considerate and inclusive. 

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6. Wait for someone tying their shoe 

It's a small gesture, but it speaks volumes about your patience and respect. 

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5. Hold doors for people nearby 

This classic move never goes out of style. It shows you care. 

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4. Ask someone to text you when they get home safe 

A little concern goes a long way in showing you care about others' well-being. 

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3. Truly listen when someone speaks 

Engage with what they say. It's rare and makes you stand out.

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2. Wish a friend happy birthday at midnight 

This shows you remembered and cared enough to be the first to celebrate them. 

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1. Hype up someone’s music taste 

Complimenting someone's music choice can make their day and show you're genuinely interested in their likes. 

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